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V-Tuf RAPID MSH 240v Professional Hot Water Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer

V-Tuf RAPID MSH 240v Professional Hot Water Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer

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• 130Bar Max Pressure, 10L/min (600Litres/hour) flow rate 
• Heats Water to 90oC on full pressure and up to 150oC on steam stage
• Easy to Use / Easy to Transport with low centre of gravity for stability.
• Pump Can draw from Water Butt/IBC. 
• Boiler Protection Against Low Water Pressure.
• Total Stop System - Saves electricity 
• Fully stainless steel frame and cover - Built to last 
• Simple Adjustable Temperature Control & Switch.
• Double Pass Heat Exchanger Guarantees Hotter Water with Less Fuel Usage.
• Fully Protected Electrics from Water Ingress.
• Comes complete with Heavy Duty Durakilx Quick Release 10m Hose & Lance & High/Low pressure Nozzle Kit.
The V-TUF RAPID-MSH 240v Hot-Water Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer is popular for cleaning tasks tackling large amounts of grease, oil, dirt, or stubborn dirt. The RAPID-MSH steam cleaner swiftly lifts all deep-rooted thick sludge, dirt, and grime from all hard surfaces. Recommended usage 3 Hours Per Day. 
Why Buy?:
• Superb Cleaning Performance.
• Thermostat - Full Control of Temperature.
• Minimal Long-Term Maintenance.
• Energy Efficient & Low On Emissions.
• Simple Electric Circuits

The V-TUF RAPID-MSH hot water electric pressure washer offers a time saving of up to 35% with drastically improved cleaning results compared to a cold-water model. Cleaning using hot water offers optimises the cleaning process by allowing you to use less chemical, as well as impressive cleaning results.

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