About Us

Pure Equine's main goal it to provide it's customers with high quality machinery/products to aid in the training or rehabilitation of horses. As engineers we pride ourselves in problem solving and providing technological solutions that can benefit the lives of our customers and horses.

We are a small family owned business based in Norfolk UK, striving to manufacture high quality and a wide range of products for all our customers globally.

Pure Equine has been working in partnership with ECB Equine, manufacturing aquatic treadmills for 5 years and have decided to expand our product portfolio by offering various different machines/products. 

Discover a comprehensive range of equine machinery and equipment designed to simplify your horse care routines. From state-of-the-art aquatic treadmills to efficient stable cleaning solutions, our products aim to save you time and effort while maximizing the comfort and well-being of your beloved horses.

Thank you for choosing Pure Equine as your trusted partner in equine machinery. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter future for you and your equine companions.