Keep your horses cool and content with our Equine Mist Machine! Experience soothing mist to beat the heat and prioritize their well-being. Get yours now for a serene and happy equine environment!

Product in Development

Expected Launch: 2024

Benefits of Mist

  • Health and Wellness: Regular misting sessions might contribute to the overall health and wellness of the horse. The cooling effect can be particularly beneficial in hot climates or after intensive training sessions. Some believe that misting can also aid in the healing process of skin conditions, though this would need to be substantiated with research.
  • Comfort: Such a device could offer a pleasant experience for the horse, similar to a "spa treatment". This could also make it appealing to horse owners looking to provide the best care for their animals.
  • Controlled Environment: With a session-based system, you can better control the misting environment, potentially avoiding the moisture-related issues I mentioned earlier.




Electrical Requirements

Technology & Safety Features

Optional Extras


Information will be updated regularly, so make sure to keep checking if you are interested in a PureMist M3.

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