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MAXi - 50L H-Class 240v 1750w Industrial Dust Extraction Vacuum Cleaner

MAXi - 50L H-Class 240v 1750w Industrial Dust Extraction Vacuum Cleaner

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• Robust & Industrial – Made To Last!
• Lightweight, Compact, Durable, Impact Resistant.
• Blocked Air Flow Beeper & Light (when air flow is restricted by clogged filter/hose/full tank).
• Affordable Compliance & Protection!

The V-TUF MAXI-H-240v industrial dust extraction vacuum cleaner features a large 50L capacity,  supplied with a flexible 5m yellow vacuum hose for great visibility and prevention of trip hazards, and all the tools required for safe vacuuming & extraction of hazardous harmful dusts.
Why use V-TUF H-Class Rated Vacs?

• Powerful Cleaning Performance For Cleaning Large Areas.
• Can also be used as a Standard Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – for non-hazardous cleaning. (We would recommend you remove the filter bags before you do this).
• Durable, Heavy Duty, Long-Lasting Stainless Steel Tank.
V-TUF MAXI-H-240-50L has a single powerful 1750W bypass suction 240v motor, a 50 Litre stainless steel collection waste tank along with heavy duty accessories, and rugged chassis enable it to be easily manoeuvred around sites. The powerful suction along with the full H-Class Certification (H14 Hepa 99.995% Filtration) provides the highest level of protection against seriously harmful dust particles ensuring a safe working environment for all the workforce, whilst also having an airflow monitor to alert the user if the bag is full, or there is a blockage. V-TUF MAXI-H-240v-50L vacs comes with 3 layers of filtration (cartridge filter, basket filter & waste bag) to reach the H-Class standard giving you maximum dirt removal whilst protecting and saving lives from fatal dust inflicted diseases. 
High hazardous dusts are created from MDF, and require H Class equipment to be used at all times when cutting, drilling, sanding, or grinding these products, to ensure none of the fine dust escapes into the air, and to protect the user doing the task, and the surrounding workforce. 
H Class Filtration is for extracting highly carcinogenic hazardous dusts and substances, formaldehyde, mould, germs, lead, nickel, tar and bacteria and even MDF, so by using a V-TUF MAXI-H 240-50L dust extraction vacuum cleaner, you are safe to also vacuum materials such as mica, china clay, gypsum, wood dust such as softwood and hardwood, silica dust such as masonry, concrete. 
Emptying and Cleaning Guide:
Never clean inside the vacuum cleaner yourself if you are not authorised to do so!
•    Never attempt to remove or change the bag yourself; this should be done by a competent person under controlled conditions.
•    Contact the supplier or a licensed organisation for assistance.
•    After each use, clean the vacuum cleaner’s outer casing and attachments with the vacuum and then with damp rags. (Rags must be disposed of as hazardous waste).
•    Carefully inspect the case, hose and attachments visually.
•    Keep the hose and attachments in a clearly labelled plastic sack.
•    Replace the sealing cap over the hose opening in the cleaner’s casing with the plug.
•    Store in a suitable sealed container until next usage.
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